Thierra Walker


Writer & Author

Thierra is a “ wellness wordsmith” to say the least, connecting best through diverse forms of written storytelling. 

She has a B.A. in Communication Studies from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, where she began to find her niche in: personal empowerment.  

Thierra actively worked with inner city youth, where the lack of self-empowerment mirrored her growing need to adjust her own personal narrative and practice optimal self-care to achieve emotional stamina, inner peace, and love for self. 

Years later, Thierra shares her words for release, healing, and growth in attempt to encourage the same in others. Much of her writing is a reflection of life experiences and lessons. Hence, her debut book Water For My Seeds- a collection of poetry and prose. PURCHASE HERE

She is the proud owner of Salve Soul, a place that weaves self-care, stationery, and storytelling into one community. Providing writing services and stationery products for self-care enthusiasts, to novice writers, to indie authors.  IG: @salvesoul /

Connect with Thierra via IG: @thierraw or email


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